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 Reunions Planning Guide Find the latest tips and resources for planning your next reunion. Whether it’s for your family, class, military or just a girlfriend’s getaway,this guide will come in handy.REUNIONS is published by Pathfinders Travel Magazine and is available for only $5.00   Perhaps it was a death that spurred your first reunion. Suddenly, with that member gone, the group wanted to see each other again during a happier occasion. But the prospect of planning a formal reunion seems daunting. Where do you start? Where should you hold it? Will people really show up? And who’s got the time or talent to plan it? It’s easy to see why reunion planning gets delayed.   But, it’s not as hard as you might think. Especially when you follow the rules of well-organized event planners: Start early, develop a budget, learn to delegate, consult the experts, and don’t be afraid to make decisions if things began to stall.
  • Develop a Committee
It is essential for this group to be committed and organized enough to see the project through. Don’t try to twist arms to get people to join the committee. It’s also equally important for committee members to get along with each other.  
  • Decide where to hold the reunion
If this is your first time planning a reunion, consider holding it where your family’s roots were planted, where you served t ther in the military, or where you attended school. A common location helps to establish a sense of connectedness. If this is a small group of people who just want to have fun, choose a location where every whim from the food to the chores will be handled for you.  
  • Develop a reunion host committee
that can act as the “ground agents or field operatives”.  These members can conduct hotel inspections and meet with sales personnel, interview entertainers and perspective caterers.  
  • Develop a budget that considers how the cost may influence decisions to attend and take advantage of technology. Websites such as Facebook, where
groups can easily establish a reunion page, make it easier than ever to stay connected. Encourage group members to share ideas, photos, and updates. However, you will need to send correspondence via the mail for members who are not regular Internet users.  
  • Begin your negotiations as soon as
you have a date in mind. For larger groups, secure a contract at least 12 -18 months prior to the event.  
  • Carefully consider the needs of your group
and recognize that an affordable rate can result in more attendees, particularly for families with young children. If you’re hosting friends who will want a few days of pampering, or who want a combination of laziness and activity, choosing a resort with a spa, golf course, or other activities will be just as important as the room rate.  
  • Do your research. Provide a couple of options, but
not too many or you’ll find it will slow down the decision-making process.   The Pathfinders Guide to Great Reunions has a step-by-step guide to help plan your next successful reunion. Order online here for just $5.